This the english page for orto diffuso website.
Here you cannot find every post translated.
This page is dedicated to the multimedia project of European community gardens: a book and videos on the community garden all around Europe.
The contents will be on creative commons.
But if you have any suggestion on
-an international publisher for the book (now the book it will be made only for Italy),
-grants and funding (for example, from European Union), to do a movie on Europan gardens,

please contact orto diffuso (at)

Orto diffuso (which more or less means “spread vegetable gardens”) is a project of mapping and improving vegetable gardens (i.e. community gardens) in Milano, Italy.
Town are a mix of culture, people, hardware and nature that at least become like a very good vegetable soup if we respect each diversity/biodiversity.
Improving our vegetable gardens improve also people self confiance and resiliance, sustainability and their power to change the cities letting them to evolve instead becoming Nineteen century dinosaurs.