El Xino it is a very low income neighborhood, located in the inner center of Barcelona, in the harbour area. A gentrification is gooing on and many old houses are pull down. Since the economical crisis there is no project of rebuilding. Huerto el Xino, was born in 2009 where a squatted house was destroyed and a social carpentery was in action for a while.  It’s a private land, but nobody is reclaiming it. And the Ayuntamento, the municipality, is only worried for a risk of fire. A group of people living in the Rambla decided firt of all to clean the area which was full of garbage. Then they decided to cultivate lang and create a vegetable garden.  Now they are open every saturday a sunday, many people (and many children) are going there, since there is no green area in the neighborhood. They organize parties, workshops, sharing of seeds, and since is also a touristic area, many visitors are coming.